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Open House Mentorship Program

The creative industry is vast, complex and all the more exciting because of it. However, this can make understanding how to break into, and navigate around it, pretty difficult for fresh talent. 

Soho Impact is empowering the Soho House community to make positive change, through mentoring, apprenticeships, local outreach and sustainability. As part of this mission, they have teamed up with Routes In to create a bespoke mentoring programme: Open House. The program is focused on empowering driven and high-potential young talent to break into their chosen field in their city.

Together, Soho House and Routes In are following their vision to open up the Creative industry, making it more inclusive and diverse by supporting every route to success.

The Team

Our Team is made up of a group of individuals committed to unlocking potential within people. Routes In is a passion project in which we love to spend our free hours; this is our side hustle, alongside full-time roles in the Creative Industry.

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